Life Continues 

in dry weather or wet

hot or cold

our lives continue.

Nothing stops this life except death.

Health, sickness, joy, sorrow, boredom, praise and blame 

Come and go

We can enjoy this dream like quality and not solidify anything that doesn’t need to be.

These blue spotted salamanders will hatch out unless eaten or destroyed some other way  



Shunyata, emptiness, and all the other terms denoting this concept in Buddhism, means many different things to many different people.

Our minds are very tricky. We look and see something floating in the water. ‘How beautiful’, we say. Then we put a name on it: eider duck. Right them we have just reinforced our distinct self. The duck is not me. I am separate from it. ‘I’ am.

This is a very simple example and obviously we need to do this at times. However, I have no problem in saying that we do this far, far too much in our lives. In so doing we starve ourselves, create strife, battles where none are really necessary.