For myself, it is important to get away by myself into spacious places. Today I have the morning. I am up in the cliffs near Maidens Cliff near Lincolnville, Maine. 

Lake Megunticook , where I have swum,is far below me. 

My mind loosens, becomes spacious, like my surroundings. I am grateful in my life for this opportunity.

In reality, all that I see is part of me

so that I am everywhere and at the same time nowhere.


Time Off

The reality for us human beings is that it is extremely hard for us to just be.

Try this as an experiment: when you feel you have done your day’s work or finished a task, watch what you do, see how you fidget.

We all fidget in our own unique way. We tighten our tie, check our voice mail , have a piece of gum, get a cup of coffee, call a friend, day dream about vacations, look at catalogs.

We could simply observe out fidgeting for starters.

In our minds we think, now I’m done (for the moment,day,week,month).

Watch what your mind grabs for next.

It is hard for us to condition ourselves to spaciousness, to being, even for five minutes. It usually feels terribly, terribly uncomfortable.