Have a Mind?

Do you even know that you have a mind ?

Do you know it’s natural state?

Do you keep it constantly busy and full of stuff? Opinions, emotions, facts….busy,busy,busy…..forever?

Is that your habit?

Do you ever let it rest and just be?

If not, then rarely and only fleetingly will you ever know peace.

A mind

i am very grateful for the day I discovered I had a mind. I’m not talking about a brain, but a mind. Something that I could work with; something that while intangible, could be discovered and studied and worked with. 

Something that while ‘mine’ really isn’t mine but part of the universe, the cosmos;something that I had a chance to train and make a better life for myself and the cosmos around me.

I am grateful to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for his text ‘Turning the Mind into an Ally’. Stumbling on this text in a bookstore brought me to the magnificent tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. It has given me a much better lens to see the world and myself through.

I also am very grateful for the Tibetan Master Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. His works have helped me so much!


Brain vs. Mind

It was something of a revelation to me when I first I first began to think of my mind as something separate from my brain. I know think of my brain as the splendid physical organ on top of my shoulders.
Intricate, full of all kinds of chemicals that interact and react in complex ways.

The mind; who knows where it’s location is?

Just like the rest of our body, our brain can have an illness, get sick or have a disease.

This physical organ can need medicine to set it straight.
Simple as that.
Then it is working fine and giving us a much better working basis.
Medicine and therapy can set straight years of mental illness.
Then our work with the mind can be effective.

I am not hear to debate complex points on the interaction of illness and karma.

I am here to say ‘Lets get well!’


As a Buddhist, I work at paying attention to what is going on in my mind. I may not always have the full picture of what’s going on, but I’m paying attention.

Devotion is something of an old fashioned word, but it applies here, on this journey. What we set our mind on, what we fill it with, is how we are training our mind.

Like the leaves of the geranium growing in my living room, I point myself to the sun of the teachings, to working with them.

I hope you find some time today to look at your mind and work with it.