Mountain StreamĀ 

it is good to reflect on our state of being ‘alone’. All of us are alone. This aloneness ,when accepted, can free is for loving. 

The hardness of snow melts and becomes a cascadingountain stream. (As here in the Catskills, near Phonecia, New York, today.


When We Love

This Dancer went about her responsibilities
This Dancer went about her responsibilities

One day I went to Carnivale to see all the beautiful people, the merriment, catch the candy and beads! I was watching near the end of the parade. A young woman dressed in costume with beautiful feathers and headpiece posed and then disappeared into the changing rooms.

Out she came, pushing a baby stroller, headed into the store and came out with bread and a gallon of milk, headed home.

When we love, we enjoy ourselves, but we meet our responsibilities, to take care of others

Or we have nothing.