How is it that we can let go of our defenses and still achieve stability within ourselves?

We practice with the understanding that this self we hold so dearly barely exists if at all. We are so deeply connected to everything that this self barely exists. If we can let go of our fear and agression we can experience life so much more deeply by simply remaining open.



For myself, it is important to get away by myself into spacious places. Today I have the morning. I am up in the cliffs near Maidens Cliff near Lincolnville, Maine. 

Lake Megunticook , where I have swum,is far below me. 

My mind loosens, becomes spacious, like my surroundings. I am grateful in my life for this opportunity.

In reality, all that I see is part of me

so that I am everywhere and at the same time nowhere.



I do laugh at myself!

Sometimes I bravely say ‘My body includes the trees, birds,flowers and frogs!’

Other times I’m worried about how well I dance (well enough it turns out)

‘Is my ear ache a really bad infection?’

‘Am I really myself? (An impossible question)

Sometimes being a frog mating in Spring would be delightful, but the water is really cold!!!  


This morning I awaken to the glory of this Saturday, January 31, 2015 !
This wintry morning Mother Earth is displaying her energy!
It’s 13 degrees, the wind is blowing at 30 mph, pine trees dancing, whitecaps on the New Meadows River.

I can let go, remove the barriers and I am one with this.

This is emptiness


Shunyata, emptiness, and all the other terms denoting this concept in Buddhism, means many different things to many different people.

Our minds are very tricky. We look and see something floating in the water. ‘How beautiful’, we say. Then we put a name on it: eider duck. Right them we have just reinforced our distinct self. The duck is not me. I am separate from it. ‘I’ am.

This is a very simple example and obviously we need to do this at times. However, I have no problem in saying that we do this far, far too much in our lives. In so doing we starve ourselves, create strife, battles where none are really necessary.