Own your life

We must not lose track of the fact that this is our life-No one else’s.Our life is OUR responsibility.

It becomes terribly confusing and quite messy when we try to live our life for others.

It is far better to live ones life with others. (Much word there)

Our egos are terribly complicated things. One wants in many ways to weaken it so that it is more able to see reality as it is.I do not say this in the manner of speaking that we become a pile of mush, not ever!

But that we become able to see the world unfiltered, no through all of our filters. Then we are both able to act properly and be in proper relationship to our world. The world will always break through and continually teach us as to what is actually reality. So in many ways our job is to train our minds to let go and then to behave accordingly. The more we do this the more authentic our lives are, the less we do this the less authentic our lives are.

It is very simple, yet very hard to do.

It takes practice, practicing all of our life.

The Mahayana instruction for the ejection of consciousness at death is the five strengths: How you conduct yourself is important.

I have been studying a group of  around 59 slogans known as the Lojong slogans written down in the 12th Century in Tibet. They are proposed as a way to lessen human suffering.

The details of this one:

Opening and letting go when the appearances of the world begin to dissolve around you.

Practice doing this often during your life.

Trust you have the ability to have compassion for others.

Realizing that your identity isn’t solid, as you die do not try to keep it from falling apart.

Wish to spend you future lives with those who can teach you and to work for the benefit of others.

As I have just turned 65, this slogan holds more urgency and poignancy for me. Now is the time to practice these instructions.

Perhaps it can be of benefit to you,now.

Male and Female within

In our lives, we often here that one thing is a feminine trait and another is a masculine trait

Or that he’s all man

She’s all woman

What if we are both?

What if we are a union of ‘male’ and ‘female’?

Long ago, in Indian spiritual thought the feminine, Shakti, was considered the feminine principle and the embodiment of all energy, (Kind of the opposite of what we think now.) and Shiva, the male principle, was considered the embodiment of all consciousness.

It was only when the two were United that the world was brought forth fully.

A world of only energy or things with no consciousness can not exist.

A world of only consciousness with no energy or things can not exist.

It is these two elements that we must unite within ourselves in order to manifest fully as humans.


I am reactive

More than I wish I was 

So being reactive is the stepping stone to discovering part of who I am.

I try to remember how fleeting thoughts are, as in the Wizard of Oz-‘People come and go so quickly here …’

or the wise saying

Good and Bad

Happy and Sad

All Things vanish

Like the imprint 

Of a Bird in the Sky

Open, Spacious, Relaxed…

There are times when I contract and my world becomes small,hot, claustrophobic.

I find tremendous freedom in remembering a simple phrase ‘Open, spacious, relaxed’.Those words were given to me by a Buddhist Teacher who was remembering this phrase as it was given to her by her Teacher. (So it goes in an oral tradition; wisdom is kept fresh and applied when needed.)

I hold that phrase within me as a wellspring and taps deep within me bringing up other goodness up within me-phrases, scenes begin to spill into my mind and restore me.

Where my mind has been, I do not know-thoughts are from who knows where and afterward go who knows where.

I do not try to distract myself by other activities, I try to stand with the hot, claustrophobic feeling. It is only a thought, however powerful it may seem.

But now I am here Present to Myself and the Vast World Around Me;

‘Open, Spacious, Relaxed’.



Shaking it Off

I woke up one day from a self that was stale and stunk of old ashtrays, dirty laundry and for no reason the coffee tasted amazing and I really heard my friends happily saying ‘See you next time!’ for the first time.

We wake up

we fall asleep

we wake up again

and we ingrain the gratitude for this life we feel in our heart

and we share it.

This photo I took at a parade?

I hung around and the performer came out of the changing room

pushing a stroller with her young child and headed into the 7-11.

So we celebrate, we share our joy when we can.


my crazy,crazy mind 

In the past, I have ripped and run from myself, afraid to look into what seemed like a hopeless abyss.

I would surround myself with pleasant and good things ….and stay busy, not wanting to be overcome by my emotions.

In study, practice and simply living, I have more faith in myself,in the work I have done and continue to do.

Help comes and is found everywhere: in today’s balmy weather, in friendly conversation, in the squawking of a flock of gulls.

In remember, perhaps in ‘The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones’ being reminded that the great teachers, deities and protectors are there in a ray of sunshine, a simple fresh breeze.

and I remember that I am in everything…and that I too am helping others with what I say and what I do….and I have no idea where my crazy, crazy mind began, nor where it has been since then….and I can relax with that.

Just as it says in the Lojong sayings ‘Examine the nature of unborn awareness’.


‘Rest in the nature of alaya,the essence’