Own your life

We must not lose track of the fact that this is our life-No one else’s.Our life is OUR responsibility.

It becomes terribly confusing and quite messy when we try to live our life for others.

It is far better to live ones life with others. (Much word there)

Our egos are terribly complicated things. One wants in many ways to weaken it so that it is more able to see reality as it is.I do not say this in the manner of speaking that we become a pile of mush, not ever!

But that we become able to see the world unfiltered, no through all of our filters. Then we are both able to act properly and be in proper relationship to our world. The world will always break through and continually teach us as to what is actually reality. So in many ways our job is to train our minds to let go and then to behave accordingly. The more we do this the more authentic our lives are, the less we do this the less authentic our lives are.

It is very simple, yet very hard to do.

It takes practice, practicing all of our life.

Exercise is Important 

On the Buddhist path, so much press is given to the mind, however our body requires an equal amount. We are not brains on a stick!

Whole texts are devoted to synchronizing our body ‘Touching Enlightenment’ by Reggie Ray.

We may may think we are meditating honestly and fully, however our body will tell us if we are denying reality.

When we sit, our bodies and minds are to be synchronized as one. To the extent we are able to do so, is one sign we are fully present.

I also recommend we exercise our body.

I play a racquet game called Pickleball. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Faults, Kleshas

Just to see our faults and virtues is a small victory in our lives. Most lives are spent as rats on a treadmill, whether by circumstance or by succumbing to our emotions or Kleshas.

We must take the long view as a warrior training in the fundamentals-small steps before large.

A Path

We seek a path for understanding ourselves,

but it can only be our own path.

We can not follow another’s path and become them.

I am written deep from within.

I must create myself, be myself, find myself, love and delight myself

and keep doing so

Even at age 65 there is mystery, delight, sadness and joy to be had before I die.

and the end of this life draws even closer by the hour.


It rained much of the night, all is drenched and full, sopping wet though it’s low tide.

Nearby the blue heron stalks the tidal flats. 

The geraniums are rain blasted.

This is midcoast Maine. It’s 58 now, by late afternoon it will be 75 and muggy.

It is beautiful.


Recently I participated in counting alewives making their annual spawning run on the Nequasset River near Woolich Maine.

I was quite stirring to see the determination of this small fish as they swam up a brand new fish ladder at the dam at Newquasset.

Upon passing through the final chute a three foot long snapping turtle waited for them with hungry jaws along with ospreys, gulls and Eagles. On returning some of the same fish were missing chunks of flesh from their bodies, yet they were determined to return to their home in the Atlantic Ocean.

We have our minds to work with on our journey of Life. Let us be just as determined to work with the obstacles we discover in our minds. Let us free ourselves to the true reality. 


Death awakening

The simple wood frog ‘dies’ in the winter.

It’s body freezes, it heart stops. It’s body cavity is filled w glucose. So the cavity does not freeze. But the wood frog is frozen hard as a rock.

There are times we must die also:die to hope, die to fear and finally die as a body.

These are all welcome, freeing things; though as a friend says the dying has my dragging fingernail marks all over it.

Yet within a few weeks of being dead, warm temperatures bring the wood frog back to ‘life’ once again.

So we can also come back to life again!