It rained much of the night, all is drenched and full, sopping wet though it’s low tide.

Nearby the blue heron stalks the tidal flats. 

The geraniums are rain blasted.

This is midcoast Maine. It’s 58 now, by late afternoon it will be 75 and muggy.

It is beautiful.


 at some point we can just be. be ourselves, even take the time to find out …

some times I feel like I am some forced configuration of myself. 

I find myself thinking, my formula is too weak, needs some juicing 

 I can raise my energy, however, there is the real authentic me that gets sick, feels tired, needs to rest, along with going along strongly, steadily, or bubbles and sparkles like a small river with swirls and eddies. I can march bravely in sleet and driving rain, and then I rest.

right now I can feel the daylight lengthening. outside I smell the cold crisp air in the daylight and I rejoice in the coming of Spring in the midst of winter! 


the living Beach

  Yesterday, Thursday, was a foggy gray day all around West Bath, Maine. Went to nearby Popham Beach. The ocean and sand was a beautiful palette of grays and silver with the Sun burning through the clouds at different points. It was alive and beautiful to behold


sun and moon together 

This morning after sunrise, the moon still hovered over the shore of the New Meadows River here in Maine.  A wonderful strong low tide! The shoals of the Middle Ground lay bare to the sky.

I wish all of you stability and strength in the coming year.


Bounce Back

When we practice very ferociously, we may feel we are going to break through some special barrier, that we are getting some where, yet often the result of this single intense effort is to have the effort bounce back at you.

At this level, our mind is not some machine that pumps out more cars the harder the factory runs. It resents the use of force. Better to tame the tiger by gentleness  and have it become our friend.