The Bludragon, a merry sort, shares thoughts both whimsical and serious  on a life well lived on the southern coast of the great state of Maine.  Men, women, love, play, work, birth, death and reasons for living are all grist for Bludragon.

While many joys, smiles, hugs and kisses have been shared by Bludragon, the belief in a life lived with reflection and intent brings the biggest joy.

At the end of it all,
to understand that deep love and care of the many
is the joyful reason for living.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. thank you for your comment about my most recent post. The retreat I’m discussing occurred 4 years ago; most of the blog entries, taken from an ongoing column in the Huffington Post, specify that I’m writing about an event long past. I’ve sat many retreats, long ones, and my teacher(s) know that I write about them. Do you still have a concern that I’m violating the integrity of the retreat simply by reporting on it? (Or was your concern, which of course would be completely appropriate, that I was secretly blogging from my room…)


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