In choosing to be with another to be with any other human being, we are choosing their set  of workable and their set of intractable problems.

In their choosing to be with us, they are choosing our set of workable and intractable problems.

There is no escape from one person to another, just different sets of problems.

We can only try our best to work with their problems and hope they do the same w ours.

How we place our focus is pretty important.

One photo is the fireplace at the public library in Rockland, Maine

the other is the paint peeling om the window frame above it.


Our mortality, our Death, can be experienced as our friend. 

We can consciously live our lives knowing that death can come at any time-now,now and now.

For an advanced Buddhist Practitioner the time in the Bardo can be said to yield the opportunity to choose to be of greater service to all sentient beings.

Most of us will not have trained enough, however, so it can be said that some sort of our essence comes back according to the fruits of our many lifetimes of karma.

However, in that light, all we have is the ever flowing moments of now in which we can choose to do what is best or at least better.