Not Solid

We steadily and unceasingly work to make ourselves and all that is around us seem solid and substantial.

Our home is ours, but then we move.

Our ‘look’, our ‘style’, disappear like our fist when we open our hand when we change our mind.

Our spouses, our family, our friends and enemies, we will be parted from all of them on our death or theirs.

Our lives become more real when we let go of trying to be what we are not. We are a very fragile collection of parts-ephemeral and passing.

We can relax and take joy in that!​

holding hands

Many of us haven’t discovered that we have a mind and that it can be worked with.

We wake up and run on autopilot.

We CAN work with our mind.

We can watch how it works, how thoughts arise, how we hold them or let them go.

We CAN choose what thoughts we cling to and what we let simply rise and fall.

We CAN choose new things or objects to place are mind on.

In one month, how many of the things we have worried about will matter? Let alone in a year!

Choose what is important and dwell there.

dead branches

one thing I marvel at is the tall white pines at Camp Wavus in Damariscotta, Maine. Here on this very large lake the winds are fierce.

The tall pines of 60-70′ are quite majestic and the reflect the fierceness of the winds. Many are covered with dead or broken branches yet I admire the beauty.

I do not see myself as so different; I have my share of broken and dead branches.

I too will come to this life’s end.

Not Solid

We think we are so, so solid but me are not. We are but momentary flashes of thoughts….

We glued them together or we flip them really fast

and presto there we are.

We stick the past to ‘me’

We stick the present to ‘me’

We stick the future to ‘me’

We can’t even think about the present 

By the time we do, it’s the past.

We can not hold on to anything