Conditional Enjoyment 

In my practice I am focusing on learning about conditional enjoyment vs. unconditional enjoyment.

Conditional enjoyment is all about making me happy. ‘I’ will be happy if…..happens.

Unconditional enjoyment is about letting go ,and as much as possible, enjoying what is right now.

If we live for conditional enjoyment then our enjoyment of life is very, very limited.

The truth is good and bad constantly enter and leave our life in each passing moment. You can not lock it down.

Nor is there the one perfect person who will enter our life and suddenly all will be well.

These expectations are full of far too many moving parts for them to ever line up for very long- far too many causes and conditions must align for happiness to occur. Happiness will be a rarity in your life.

Practice letting go and enjoying what is now.

Now is always here.