With so much digital communication, we now see the tremendous rarity of even having some shred of self awareness of our minds craving, fear and simply not caring.

To have discovered this within ourselves is a tremendous blessing.

To have even the desire to cultivate a sense of equanimity is a further rarity.

If you see even a shred of this within yourself, try to be with it, try to be brave.


I am reactive

More than I wish I was 

So being reactive is the stepping stone to discovering part of who I am.

I try to remember how fleeting thoughts are, as in the Wizard of Oz-‘People come and go so quickly here …’

or the wise saying

Good and Bad

Happy and Sad

All Things vanish

Like the imprint 

Of a Bird in the Sky

Conditional Enjoyment 

In my practice I am focusing on learning about conditional enjoyment vs. unconditional enjoyment.

Conditional enjoyment is all about making me happy. ‘I’ will be happy if…..happens.

Unconditional enjoyment is about letting go ,and as much as possible, enjoying what is right now.

If we live for conditional enjoyment then our enjoyment of life is very, very limited.

The truth is good and bad constantly enter and leave our life in each passing moment. You can not lock it down.

Nor is there the one perfect person who will enter our life and suddenly all will be well.

These expectations are full of far too many moving parts for them to ever line up for very long- far too many causes and conditions must align for happiness to occur. Happiness will be a rarity in your life.

Practice letting go and enjoying what is now.

Now is always here.

Exercise is Important 

On the Buddhist path, so much press is given to the mind, however our body requires an equal amount. We are not brains on a stick!

Whole texts are devoted to synchronizing our body ‘Touching Enlightenment’ by Reggie Ray.

We may may think we are meditating honestly and fully, however our body will tell us if we are denying reality.

When we sit, our bodies and minds are to be synchronized as one. To the extent we are able to do so, is one sign we are fully present.

I also recommend we exercise our body.

I play a racquet game called Pickleball. Easy to learn, hard to master.