Being real

We have an image of ourselves as a certain person at a certain moment.

Our interactions with the world constantly provide us with feedback as to the authenticity of that image. 

If we wish to become more real, more authentically ourself, we work honestly with that feedback. We crack open our ego and become more open to resolving our issues and strengths- we become more real.

Faults, Kleshas

Just to see our faults and virtues is a small victory in our lives. Most lives are spent as rats on a treadmill, whether by circumstance or by succumbing to our emotions or Kleshas.

We must take the long view as a warrior training in the fundamentals-small steps before large.

A Path

We seek a path for understanding ourselves,

but it can only be our own path.

We can not follow another’s path and become them.

I am written deep from within.

I must create myself, be myself, find myself, love and delight myself

and keep doing so

Even at age 65 there is mystery, delight, sadness and joy to be had before I die.

and the end of this life draws even closer by the hour.


It rained much of the night, all is drenched and full, sopping wet though it’s low tide.

Nearby the blue heron stalks the tidal flats. 

The geraniums are rain blasted.

This is midcoast Maine. It’s 58 now, by late afternoon it will be 75 and muggy.

It is beautiful.