Open, Spacious, Relaxed…

There are times when I contract and my world becomes small,hot, claustrophobic.

I find tremendous freedom in remembering a simple phrase ‘Open, spacious, relaxed’.Those words were given to me by a Buddhist Teacher who was remembering this phrase as it was given to her by her Teacher. (So it goes in an oral tradition; wisdom is kept fresh and applied when needed.)

I hold that phrase within me as a wellspring and taps deep within me bringing up other goodness up within me-phrases, scenes begin to spill into my mind and restore me.

Where my mind has been, I do not know-thoughts are from who knows where and afterward go who knows where.

I do not try to distract myself by other activities, I try to stand with the hot, claustrophobic feeling. It is only a thought, however powerful it may seem.

But now I am here Present to Myself and the Vast World Around Me;

‘Open, Spacious, Relaxed’.



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