Something Happens – Equanimity

Something happens and we break out of our old thought pattern, have a new thought!

We rejoice if it is something good and different, if our mind has moved on to something positive, beautiful, exciting.

We are sad if it causes us sorrow, pain or confusion.

These thoughts of ours, they never stop. They arise, are here for a while and then are gone.

If we can see them just as thoughts that come and go, we can have a little more peace or equanimity in this life.

Open, Spacious, Relaxed…

There are times when I contract and my world becomes small,hot, claustrophobic.

I find tremendous freedom in remembering a simple phrase ‘Open, spacious, relaxed’.Those words were given to me by a Buddhist Teacher who was remembering this phrase as it was given to her by her Teacher. (So it goes in an oral tradition; wisdom is kept fresh and applied when needed.)

I hold that phrase within me as a wellspring and taps deep within me bringing up other goodness up within me-phrases, scenes begin to spill into my mind and restore me.

Where my mind has been, I do not know-thoughts are from who knows where and afterward go who knows where.

I do not try to distract myself by other activities, I try to stand with the hot, claustrophobic feeling. It is only a thought, however powerful it may seem.

But now I am here Present to Myself and the Vast World Around Me;

‘Open, Spacious, Relaxed’.



Entertainment Living

With all of it’s enticements, the World can easily take me down the path of ‘Entertainment Living’. 

I can watch this or that, I can take endless self improvement classes ‘the latest thing’, I can pay endlessly for people to prop me up and make me feel better.

But for me, life is for learning who I really am and working with that

and then falling in love with the world; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There is so much to let go of: how things are supposed to be vs. what we actually need, what actually is vs. our vision of how things should be.

Much time is wasted in not letting go and being ourselves and working with that.

We know we will die some day, but we believe ‘not just yet’

For you, what are the real things that will have mattered?

and what happens next?