my crazy,crazy mind 

In the past, I have ripped and run from myself, afraid to look into what seemed like a hopeless abyss.

I would surround myself with pleasant and good things ….and stay busy, not wanting to be overcome by my emotions.

In study, practice and simply living, I have more faith in myself,in the work I have done and continue to do.

Help comes and is found everywhere: in today’s balmy weather, in friendly conversation, in the squawking of a flock of gulls.

In remember, perhaps in ‘The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones’ being reminded that the great teachers, deities and protectors are there in a ray of sunshine, a simple fresh breeze.

and I remember that I am in everything…and that I too am helping others with what I say and what I do….and I have no idea where my crazy, crazy mind began, nor where it has been since then….and I can relax with that.

Just as it says in the Lojong sayings ‘Examine the nature of unborn awareness’.


‘Rest in the nature of alaya,the essence’