Shaking it Off

I woke up one day from a self that was stale and stunk of old ashtrays, dirty laundry and for no reason the coffee tasted amazing and I really heard my friends happily saying ‘See you next time!’ for the first time.

We wake up

we fall asleep

we wake up again

and we ingrain the gratitude for this life we feel in our heart

and we share it.

This photo I took at a parade?

I hung around and the performer came out of the changing room

pushing a stroller with her young child and headed into the 7-11.

So we celebrate, we share our joy when we can.


Warrior culture

the warrior culture I was trained in was a culture of being brave.

it was not a culture that gloried in killing, but in being brave.

on Sunday, there was a St. Patrick’s Day parade including a several drum and bagpipe corps.

they are a symbol of bravery in battle, of remaining calm in the midst of battle.

today, in playing Pickleball, I found my doubles partner seemed too exhausted to play, I remained cheery and encouraged her.

Later she smiled, thanked me and explained that she had a medical condition that prevents her from sleeping well, that she was doing her best and enjoying herself 


my crazy,crazy mind 

In the past, I have ripped and run from myself, afraid to look into what seemed like a hopeless abyss.

I would surround myself with pleasant and good things ….and stay busy, not wanting to be overcome by my emotions.

In study, practice and simply living, I have more faith in myself,in the work I have done and continue to do.

Help comes and is found everywhere: in today’s balmy weather, in friendly conversation, in the squawking of a flock of gulls.

In remember, perhaps in ‘The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones’ being reminded that the great teachers, deities and protectors are there in a ray of sunshine, a simple fresh breeze.

and I remember that I am in everything…and that I too am helping others with what I say and what I do….and I have no idea where my crazy, crazy mind began, nor where it has been since then….and I can relax with that.

Just as it says in the Lojong sayings ‘Examine the nature of unborn awareness’.


‘Rest in the nature of alaya,the essence’


Pristine Mind

My mind, your mind is beautiful and pristine; and that is ever its’ state.

Being reminded of that, I realize that when difficulties arise for me, I can see how my mind works with them. 

I can help my mind by the wisdom I have gained through the teachings of the Dharma. I can remember, the presence of the Sangha can remind me.

Thus when storms hit, I know how to sail my ship …to the Other Side