The more I develop faith in importance the easier my life becomes. The nature of life is that everything is constantly changing. We may want to look at our lives through eyes of permanence, that people, beliefs, places always behave the same way. However, you will suffer a lot trying to maintain this view. Those who interact with you will suffer also because you hold this view.

When I practice holding this view, my life becomes better.

When I hold the view of Impermanence and neither have Hope or Fear, just be open, I can see a clearer reality.

I work at holding these views. It is not automatic for me.

My thoughts come and go, the person I see as an Enemy becomes a Friend because I have let go of my anger towards them.

Good and Bad, Happy and Sad

All things vanish

Like the Imprint of a Bird in the Sky20140301-055801.jpg


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