Letting Go

it is our tremendous fear that keeps us suffering:

We won’t have enough

What will happen to me

What if…..

Well, what if we hold our seat and don’t run, don’t attack, don’t freeze?

What if we let go of the whole illusion we are running on ourselves?

It will all fall apart and we’ll be free each time we do it.

sun and moon together 

This morning after sunrise, the moon still hovered over the shore of the New Meadows River here in Maine.  A wonderful strong low tide! The shoals of the Middle Ground lay bare to the sky.

I wish all of you stability and strength in the coming year.


Bounce Back

When we practice very ferociously, we may feel we are going to break through some special barrier, that we are getting some where, yet often the result of this single intense effort is to have the effort bounce back at you.

At this level, our mind is not some machine that pumps out more cars the harder the factory runs. It resents the use of force. Better to tame the tiger by gentleness  and have it become our friend.