Into the Earth

Friday morning traffic in Cheverly, MD; cars, buses and trucks passing in the morning dark.

In ‘The Garden of Evening Mists’ the  gardener, Nakamura, constructs a traditional Japanese garden of plants, shrubs, artifacts and large boulders to frame each view to the surrounding land.

Two thirds of each Boulder is sunk into the Earth, rooted there, not simply placed.

The spiritual teacher, Reggie Ray gives visualization exercises of our bodies sinking foot by foot deep into the Earth.

Our past generations held sacred ceremonies deep within the Earth, often leaving their dead there.

Our connection,of Earth and Body, holds the greatest part of our spirituality, our being, our life.

Sitting, laying and praying with the Earth is to be remembered and practiced.

My mind,open and spacious, can feel,smell, taste and hear the Earth. It is my home, my Mother and Father.