Mudflats and our Minds

it is now low tide here on the New Meadows River in West Bath, Maine. The oozy, sticky bottom is exposed. That bottom is filled with life-worms, clams,crabs and much more.

So it is with us; the yucky, oozy bottom parts of us are filled with life also. 

Usually I am not so interested in looking at my yucky, oozy parts. I’d rather not know.

I can start by having the courage to at least taking a look into my yucky, oozy parts rather than totally avoiding them.

Then maybe I could work with them.

First I choose to no longer remain ignorant of what I usually cover up. I’ll take a look.

I do know willful ignorance causes lots of suffering for me. So, it is always the right time to try, to do it. 

I will never give up trying to awaken.

The sky is thundering now.

Time to wake up!