Precious Life

Please, please do not miss this precious life that you have been given!

It will be over so quickly!

Wake up, wake up to it! You will not get it back again!

What is important to you?

Who are you?

What is the purpose of your Life! 

Here is a clip I took of a mountain stream near Fleischman, New York.

The water passes by and we can not get it back again!


Over time, I have learned that using force in my meditation practices does not work for me.

For me, it must be a light touch, a process of gentle habituation. 

I have a wonderful place to practice walking meditation, the circular walking track at the Bath, Maine YMCA. The track is above the gym  and a never ending series of sports and athletic practices come and go.

My mind is endlessly attracted to the activities and when I notice it has happened, I gently bring my mind back to my feed walking on the track. 

Do I make progress? Yes!

I have tried being strict with myself on this and it totally backfires. My mind rebels strongly like a bucking horse and rears up  and bolts!

So it is! 


While no one else can meditate for me, I take both joy and solace in the fact that many men and women over thousands of lifetimes have found liberation using study and meditation.

I feel joy when I no longer contract or shutdown around something.

It is like a dance between light and dark; I am not yet able to stay in the light all the time. I know the experience of not wanting anything. 



I experience a tremendous release of joyous energy in my life when I make a good decision. 

For me it happens when I honestly face reality. (It can be very easy for me to try to deceive myself and take the lazy way out.)

Realizing the life I live now will be reflected deeply in my next life and lives beyond; encourages me to have courage, the courage to be my highest, best me.

I rejoice when I have done this! 


At Popham Beach

At Popham Beach, I do walking meditation. It’s a gray day, soft, muffled and few people.

In walking meditation I give my mind a break and place it on my footsteps-toes then heels touching the sand. The eddies swirl about them. I feel the seaweed between my toes.

Actually it’s a training process of learning to place my mind wherever I wish.

Much of the time I don’t need to be ‘thinking’.

I can just let go.

Of course in reality I can never stop thinking, but I can create big open spaces between thoughts and open up to my world.

In this life, I have that possibility. 


For myself, it is important to get away by myself into spacious places. Today I have the morning. I am up in the cliffs near Maidens Cliff near Lincolnville, Maine. 

Lake Megunticook , where I have swum,is far below me. 

My mind loosens, becomes spacious, like my surroundings. I am grateful in my life for this opportunity.

In reality, all that I see is part of me

so that I am everywhere and at the same time nowhere.



We should appreciate our world.

It is what we have. There is no other one that we are waiting to happen.

We have this one with its’ crappiness and it’s goodness.

We should see it, smell it, taste it, feel it.

So often we do not take the time for it until the world forces it attention upon us.

Skimming along on the surface, we gobble down life and miss most of it, see it as a big mass of grey cotton candy.