Recently I participated in counting alewives making their annual spawning run on the Nequasset River near Woolich Maine.

I was quite stirring to see the determination of this small fish as they swam up a brand new fish ladder at the dam at Newquasset.

Upon passing through the final chute a three foot long snapping turtle waited for them with hungry jaws along with ospreys, gulls and Eagles. On returning some of the same fish were missing chunks of flesh from their bodies, yet they were determined to return to their home in the Atlantic Ocean.

We have our minds to work with on our journey of Life. Let us be just as determined to work with the obstacles we discover in our minds. Let us free ourselves to the true reality. 


A mind

i am very grateful for the day I discovered I had a mind. I’m not talking about a brain, but a mind. Something that I could work with; something that while intangible, could be discovered and studied and worked with. 

Something that while ‘mine’ really isn’t mine but part of the universe, the cosmos;something that I had a chance to train and make a better life for myself and the cosmos around me.

I am grateful to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche for his text ‘Turning the Mind into an Ally’. Stumbling on this text in a bookstore brought me to the magnificent tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. It has given me a much better lens to see the world and myself through.

I also am very grateful for the Tibetan Master Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. His works have helped me so much!