Giants Steps

These are the Giants Stairs at Harpswell, Maine; big chunks of basalt down to the crashing ocean at low tide.

Below, in the video, alewives are swimming up the new fish ladder at Nequasset Creek to spawn!

It is their destiny 

They may tire, but they never give up!

at the top, over 700 swam through to the lake in an hour.

Life Continues 

in dry weather or wet

hot or cold

our lives continue.

Nothing stops this life except death.

Health, sickness, joy, sorrow, boredom, praise and blame 

Come and go

We can enjoy this dream like quality and not solidify anything that doesn’t need to be.

These blue spotted salamanders will hatch out unless eaten or destroyed some other way  


Beautiful sunny day at Green Point Preserve in Midcoast Maine

I am grateful for the impermanence and suffering in my life.

Without them I would have no need to study and practice.

I am grateful for the brevity of my life.

It pushes me to meditate and practice.

Some days I feel open spacious and relaxed in the midst of suffering.

Other days I contract and lose my place.

Searching for pleasure or eternal life brings me nothing but suffering. 



Even when we are having a great time,

we can freak out that the good time is going to end, that something is going to spoil it…..

on and on……

It can be interesting to watch how our mind works, to see how it contracts or freaks out even in the midst of bounty.

An old saying for this was ‘they can’t stand prosperity!’