Mountain StreamĀ 

it is good to reflect on our state of being ‘alone’. All of us are alone. This aloneness ,when accepted, can free is for loving. 

The hardness of snow melts and becomes a cascadingountain stream. (As here in the Catskills, near Phonecia, New York, today.



I do laugh at myself!

Sometimes I bravely say ‘My body includes the trees, birds,flowers and frogs!’

Other times I’m worried about how well I dance (well enough it turns out)

‘Is my ear ache a really bad infection?’

‘Am I really myself? (An impossible question)

Sometimes being a frog mating in Spring would be delightful, but the water is really cold!!!  

Death awakening

The simple wood frog ‘dies’ in the winter.

It’s body freezes, it heart stops. It’s body cavity is filled w glucose. So the cavity does not freeze. But the wood frog is frozen hard as a rock.

There are times we must die also:die to hope, die to fear and finally die as a body.

These are all welcome, freeing things; though as a friend says the dying has my dragging fingernail marks all over it.

Yet within a few weeks of being dead, warm temperatures bring the wood frog back to ‘life’ once again.

So we can also come back to life again!