Mad Crazy Love

In the end, all we can do is be in mad crazy Love with Life
Letting go of our endless desiring
Endless searching, wanting, ducking
and enjoy
It is all an adventure
Walking, being sick, dying, kissing
Swimming, sharing food, conversation
Less agenda the better
Yes some is necessary
But less than we expect
Far less
Or you suffer far,far more

I love you
I love you

Our Lives are Not Meant

Our lives are not meant to be staid, stale and boring.
Nor are they meant to be one round after another of self flagellation and suffering.

Our life can be seen as a constant journey of discovery, of ourselves and the world we live in.

Our world and what we discover of ourselves will challenge us, rightfully so
because there is so much we are confused about and have yet to learn.
We are meant to rise to the challenges that life presents us.
We are to reach for wholeness and healthiness. When we discover we have wandered off the path, we do not punish ourselves. We take the better way we have discovered.

We are to celebrate our journey in this life and to celebrate with our fellow travelers who our with us.

Later, not now

These words, these words are for later
not now
As you
(like I used to)
get ready for work
Negotiating ice, snow,passive aggressive bosses, do I have my lunch
But later, do you still have passion for life, does love still matter, the love of a man, of a woman?
Does that still matter?
I dream, I hope of one who still carries the burning flame of love in her bosom.
Are you her?
Will you be her?
Has the past tarnished your hopes?
Or does love still burn?

These questions are for later
Not now
When you can catch your breath
And look at my crazy passion
And wonder who is this crazy man who wants me
Wants to be loved

The moon is large now
it sets thru the pines
grows as it kisses
the opposite shore
of you
Later, not now