Enlightened Mind

We would love to be able to think our way to enlightenment.
But it is not going to happen.
We can study, in great depth, what an enlightened mind is like, what comes out of it, how it is done
but our regular rational mind can not get there, can not go there.

Our heart longs to go there
Our heart knows how to go there
Our heart can go there

When we live with an open heart
When we just let go and live
Don’t think about how we can get ahead
If we put down all of our swords
Remove all of our doors and windows of our ego
We are beginning

We turn on the lights
In our windowless, doorless home
and see what is in hiding
Perhaps fear
Perhaps uncertainty
And we smile at then
Make friends with them

And then we are on our way
We are waking up

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