When Bad Things Happen-Causes and Conditions, Karma

When misfortune strikes, how are we to look at it?

As a Buddhist, I believe that the events of our life are made up of causes and conditions

There are many different theories about causes and conditions. Some say it takes a minimum do three life times for a previous action to bear fruit.

It gets quite complex, in that those previous actions are tied to a multitude of other lifetimes and so on. The other conscious individuals in your life are also subject to their previous actions.

Some schools of Buddhist thought do emphasize the fact that we should live well now because the actions of this life will be showing up in the next life.

Or you could decide to say, I have no idea why something happened, or I fell because my shoelace was untied. That is all.

If I look at what has happened, I can at least say to myself ‘Well that action, that Karma, has born its fruit and now it’s done.

Sometimes the result of actions seem to bear immediate fruit, if so that’s wonderful.

Whatever the truth of Karma may be, we can always believe that the Buddha is within us. That we are called to be our true selves-a Buddha.

Our purpose is to wake up here and now.
Right Now!