Training our minds

The country we live in is obsessed with how we look, our appearances.
We will go to any length to alter our appearance.

Very few people think about their minds.

Fewer still think about learning to train their minds.

Fewer still attempt it.

Most people wake up and have a list of things to do and work at doing them.

However, unless they work at training their minds, they are prone to following one distraction after another.

In shamatha meditation we work on stabilizing our minds. We simply train in placing on our breath.

Our breath goes out, our minds rides that breathe.

The out breath stops
There is a wonderful empty pause
Then in breath; the mind rides along
Then pause.

We do this discipline for ten minutes.
When the mind wanders
We gently bring it back.

Some people are afraid shamatha will turn them into zombies.

However the opposite is true.
Being able to control one mind enables one to focus for longer period of times, brings stability and clarity.

Are these things not what you would want for yourself?

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  1. It’s a great meditation practice. I have taken classes in Shamatha– and the instruction was so simple– stay with breath and when the mind wanders, come back to the breath. Easy to hear– not so easy to do. Which is why is it an ongoing practice.

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