Idiot Compassion

Early in training, I was presented with the concept of ‘Idiot Compassion’.
People new to understanding the Buddha’s teachings often come away with the concept that he believed in peace at any cost.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Buddha could better be seen as the ‘Doctor’ who has prescribed medicine for you. ‘Live this way and you will get better.’

If you do not choose to live ‘this way’ and continue to be sick,
that really is all that can be done.

As humans, just like the Buddha, we can point out a better way for someone to live. However, we are not called to rescue an adult from the consequences of their actions.

That is simply enabling them to be sick, to live in the World without experiences the ‘World’ response to their actions.

If you do, you become the ‘Idiot’ of ‘Idiot Compassion’, not them.