A fragile mandala

In our minds, we often carry the view that things will be as they should.
Our Lover loses her temper, the internet service stops working and we are surprised,disappointed or upset.

Yet ourselves and all that surrounds us is made up of a fragile mandala of causes and conditions.

Nothing is ever ‘perfect,’ nothing is ‘terrible’. Things just are.
Each passing moment comes into being
and then dies or passes.

Our expectations cause us to suffer and miss life.

The harder we cling to our expectations,
the more we suffer,
the more we miss the unfolding of our lives
and life around us.

Everything is colored through the pollution of our expectations.

Unless we change the way we live,
the Buddhist teachings tell us
that we will experience the same life over and over again
for millions of lives.

This is the sentence we hang around our own necks.

Then one day we get sick and die.

And perhaps we are disappointed and angry.

Over and over and over and over and over.