The Perfect Cup of Coffee

The power of our mind to search for perfection has been unleashed with all the possibilities contained with the Web search engines.

Within seconds of conceiving of the desire for the best cup of coffee we can surround ourselves with myriads of promised perfections.

That is how the mind words in default mode: we search for happiness. It’s a never ending search, until we choose to end it.

We want control of life.
It can not be controlled.

An Olympian can spend her entire life for one ultimate performance, yet slip on the ice. Her performance always happens now, only now.

The so called perfect performance we will play over and over in slow motion on TV or in our minds. Idealizing it.

Yet our ultimate performance is always happening NOW. That is all we have and the circumstances can not be controlled.

Today’s sales presentation may have been practiced for weeks, yet it happens now, whether the coffee is cold, the Boss is in a bad mood or the projector fails

Or everything falls into place.

We can train ourselves in meditation to let go and as Ram Dass said ‘Be Here Now’ and live this moment