Open, Spacious, Relaxed-Emotions, Emotions, Emotions

Our culture happily gives most favored nation status to ‘Emotions’.
We celebrate the exquisite highs and lows of our emotions
and search high and low for whatever brings them to us:first kiss, chocolate, loss of weight, recognition, ‘perfect’ Vacations, praise


do whatever we can to avoid: getting the burnt cookie, losing, shame, bad haircuts, introducing mad Uncle Festus.

It is exhausting work to stay in the ‘Zone’ of happiness.
For a long time I looked into this. I found out it is bogus, an illusion that can not be maintained for long.

Emotions are simply thoughts.

We can let them come and go loosely
As any thought.

We can attempt to madly hop from one good thought to the next
But it won’t work for very long.

The delicious lobster
once eaten is gone.
Eat another
It will be gone also.

Get a promotion,
an award
the recognition falls away pretty quickly.

If our ’emotion’ thoughts are focused on anger
and these thoughts are closely following one after another:
We’ve just been fired, diagnosed with an illness, lost all our money, jilted.
then I acknowledge what is happening, try to feel it completely, really focus on it rather than try to dodge it.
and then let it go.
For myself, I work on creating space around the Emotion.
Often by going outside, often by walking or getting some kind of exercise, perhaps arranging flowers or baking.

The simple awareness that is us
can just be.