One of the basic tenets of Buddhism is impermance- everything passes.
Our thoughts arise then fade, then a new thought arises. Where did the thought come from, where does it go to? In actuality, no one knows.

Chasing after the fundamental particle of existence? A big joke, for everything that exists is made of parts.

Moment by moment this life passes. We are powerless to stop that. The most powerful, most famous, most wealthy, most connected; all bow before Death.

The most beautiful chinaware will eventually scratch, chip, break, be put up for sale, given away, forgotten.

A popular Buddhist saying:

Good, bad, happy, sad
All things vanish
Like the imprint
Of a bird in the sky.

Even when we meditate
I was taught
Only 25% of my attention was to be on my breath.
To touch in,
and then let go.

To be fully present
then let go
fully present
then let go

Over and over

When we die
we are fully present
then we let go

into the next…