Learning to be with yourself

Do you know how to be with yourself and be comfortable?
By that I do not mean watching TV, movies, or reading books, taking endless courses—-keeping endlessly busy.

We are not just a performer of endless chores, projects, tasks, committee work, getting more, endlessly getting more for oneself, ones family, ones friends. And doing our best to make sure that the ones we do not like do not get what they want.
Is that the sum total, the essence of your life?

If you have the privilege of living in a place and time where you are not besieged by war, sickness or constant strife, if your mind is not disabled.
Then you do not have to live on an endless treadmill until you drop dead.

Do you realize that you have a mind?
A mind that can be your best friend, that you can work with.
You can’t physically locate your mind.
You can’t find when your mind first came into existence.
Thoughts come up in our minds
and then eventually disappear
if we let them.

You could do the simple experiment of getting quiet
and watching thoughts come up
and then fall away
(As long as they don’t hook you.)
When you realize they have, you can’t simply let them go, let them drop
and go back to watching them rise
and fall endlessly.
That what your mind does all day long.
No need to be afraid, you can make your plans
and learn what thoughts, what emotions to ignore or work with.
Ki ki , so so