Shunyata, emptiness, and all the other terms denoting this concept in Buddhism, means many different things to many different people.

Our minds are very tricky. We look and see something floating in the water. ‘How beautiful’, we say. Then we put a name on it: eider duck. Right them we have just reinforced our distinct self. The duck is not me. I am separate from it. ‘I’ am.

This is a very simple example and obviously we need to do this at times. However, I have no problem in saying that we do this far, far too much in our lives. In so doing we starve ourselves, create strife, battles where none are really necessary.

Light Snow, West Bath, Maine

This morning, I’m at my camp in West Bath. There’s a light snow, Common Eiders are drifting by, crows are pecking at the squash seeds I pitched in the bushes by the shore.

I laugh now, remembering how I waited hopeful for the radio announcement that school would be cancelled that day!

Now it is the simple delight of scrambled eggs and coffee and enjoying the weather of this morning.

Not that I don’t have concerns and worries, I do, but there can be a little more spaciousness around them.

I believe more and more deeply that I am connected to everything around me ‘alive’ or not.

Creating this distinct self each morning and maintaining it is far to much work for far too little return.

It is better to loosen this ‘I’ , let boundaries fall and be a a part of all of it
and it of me.