Things Change, Except…

In the Chilling depths of Winter, I never dreamt of seeing the Sunrise while laying against my pillows, sipping coffee. Now, at 5:55 am, I can. I will enjoy it fully!
Same goes for dining , the Sun setting over the Bay, is now a wonderful regular Dinner feature!

And each day the wobbly Earth shifts in its’ orbit
and I have a different view.

What of my mind?
There is the basic split, me and you
and my thoughts that come
and go incessantly
Sometimes delightfully
Sometimes painfully
Creating my stories

There is another layer of Everything, Everyone
We are that
Kestrels migrating northward,
the mad homeless woman
I sling hash to
the Iranian in the gallows, forgiven by a mother,
Korean ferry passengers drowning by the hundreds,
an amputee, in party dress, dancing with her lover

All of these things
are ‘me’
when I let go
of ‘me’.

Coming and Going , Reincarnation

Each year I delight in the annual Spring migration of the Hawks into Maine and beyond. Why? They are a reminder of one of my Buddhist beliefs-the cyclical nature of lives, or reincarnation. As a Mahayana Buddhist I choose to believe that I have had many lives as a sentient being- from ant on up to a great and powerful godlike being. Everything except an enlightened being, a Buddha. So I have been a sloth, an emperor, murderer, thief , all things good, all things bad. So no need to lord it over anyone else, nor to be particularity humbled by some one else. They are a grand migrator just like me- round and round we go until we wake up enough to escape.
So the hawk above me is a friend or perhaps an enemy from another lifetime trying to make their way.


Everything ends.
The perfect kiss
The scent of your Loves perfume.
The bloom of a yellow lady slipper Orchid
finally wilts.
The beautiful sounds from the touch of
fingers on a grand piano.
The headache that started at 7:00 am
An embrace must end.
Your breath ends

We could try to jam everything into our life
and become as gluttons
We can plumb the depths
Of our experiences
savor them
And then we let go
Open, spacious, relaxed.

The crows ‘Caw’ has ended.
Now there is
The space of quiet.