Time for Being

I am vulnerable to chest colds to asthma, to things pulmonary. If the temperature swings widely from cold to hot, if it gets too dry my lungs react by tightening up making it hard to breathe. I take a medication for it and I have my trusty inhaler to rescue me.
My home is heated by hot air so my lungs are particularly vulnerable if the temperature swings to widely.

The main is remembering to enjoy my life and one thing that means to enjoy my health and my body and that starts by taking care of it.
Remembering, be here now, being conscious is very important for me.

So as to not get tied up in knots, I bring myself into the moment and then let go.
This is something I do for myself, for my spirit.

So for me , it is a really good thing to put myself first, my vulnerabilities, my strengths, the things I enjoy doing. When I call these things to mind and do them I wind up feeling great! I become more available to others and happier, healthier.

The trick is, it’s not about buying stuff, which for me seems like a quick fix to show that I am paying attention to myself. I have all the stuff I need. It is about exerting myself in the things that are good for me, my gifts.