The Mahayana instruction for the ejection of consciousness at death is the five strengths: How you conduct yourself is important.

I have been studying a group of  around 59 slogans known as the Lojong slogans written down in the 12th Century in Tibet. They are proposed as a way to lessen human suffering.

The details of this one:

Opening and letting go when the appearances of the world begin to dissolve around you.

Practice doing this often during your life.

Trust you have the ability to have compassion for others.

Realizing that your identity isn’t solid, as you die do not try to keep it from falling apart.

Wish to spend you future lives with those who can teach you and to work for the benefit of others.


As I have just turned 65, this slogan holds more urgency and poignancy for me. Now is the time to practice these instructions.

Perhaps it can be of benefit to you,now.

Green Tomatoes and Groundhogs

In our lives we choose what to struggle with and what to let go of.

A groundhog has shown up here, burrowed under the deck and is happily munching on the phlox and green tomatoes.

We’ve sprinkled some powder repellent around to deter him, but I think we’ll be picking the tomatoes ahead of ripeness and use the green (ain’t nothin’ like fried green tomatoes!) to fry and see if they’ll ripen inside.

Male and Female within

In our lives, we often here that one thing is a feminine trait and another is a masculine trait

Or that he’s all man

She’s all woman

What if we are both?

What if we are a union of ‘male’ and ‘female’?

Long ago, in Indian spiritual thought the feminine, Shakti, was considered the feminine principle and the embodiment of all energy, (Kind of the opposite of what we think now.) and Shiva, the male principle, was considered the embodiment of all consciousness.

It was only when the two were United that the world was brought forth fully.

A world of only energy or things with no consciousness can not exist.

A world of only consciousness with no energy or things can not exist.

It is these two elements that we must unite within ourselves in order to manifest fully as humans.

Thoughts from a Buddhist practitioner

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